Missing audio device

Speakers missing or not functioning?

Virtual audio device

Applications on your PC can't emit sound without an audio device.

A virtual audio device can replace a real one. Applications on your PC will emit their sound to this device which will then be received by AudioRelay.


  1. Visit vb-audio.com

  2. Click on the download button

  3. Extract all the files from the downloaded ZIP

  4. Depending on your version of Windows, run this executable (as administrator)

    • VBCABLE_Setup_x64.exe for a 64-bit version

    • VBCABLE_Setup.exe for a 32-bit version

The CABLE device should now appear in your settings as below (A reboot could be necessary)

The installed audio device

Return to AudioRelay, and make sure that it is selected in the Audio device section.

Audio device settings in AudioRelay