Frequently Asked Questions
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    Use your phone as a mic for PC
    Stream between Android devices (Android 10+)
    Stream from Android to PC (Android 10+)
    Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Is it possible to connect multiple devices?

Yes, you just need to purchase premium in 1 of your Android devices.
After purchasing premium, just connect the device to the server. This will unlock the multi-connection feature until the server is restarted.
The feature will stay unlocked even if the device with premium is no longer connected. But it will be locked again if you stop the server application.

Performances degrade when the app is in the background

Some phone manufacturers try to increase battery life as much as possible. But it's sometimes to the detriment of long running apps such as AudioRelay.
Please try the suggestions from this site.

How to improve audio quality?

To reduce latency, AudioRelay sends the audio data on your device's "fast path". But on some devices, this results in a quality loss. (Confirmed on Xiaomi phones)
To fix this, try the AudioTrack output in the Android app settings. Note that this could increase the audio latency.
    Inside the Android app, go to settings
    Audio output
    Select AudioTrack
    Uncheck low latency
Otherwise, check that Windows is emitting the sound to a format of at least 48kHz
    Type sound settings in the Windows search bar
    Device properties
    Click on Additional properties at the bottom
    Change the default format

Why is the volume so low?

The audio's volume received by AudioRelay can sometimes be tied to the volume of your PC.
Try to increase the volume in Windows before muting your PC.

There's a lot of latency when listening through a Bluetooth device

Unfortunately, audio played over Bluetooth is inherently going to have latency. You can observe the delay of your headset by playing with a soundboard app, or using this one.
If you don't notice any latency when using YouTube, it's because videos apps can compensate for the lag by synchronizing both the image and the audio. You can still notice the audio delay by pausing and resuming a video.

How to reduce lags and packet loss?

    If you don't need Bluetooth, deactivate it. It can cause interferences
    Try to be closer to your router
    Connect your PC via ethernet instead of Wifi
    Connect your PC and your phone via USB
    If available, try to switch between 2GHz and 5GHz Wifi networks, pick whichever works best (5GHz will probably be vastly superior!)
    Try to change the channel of your Wifi network (You can find the least congested channel via this app)
    Simply disabling and re-enabling the Wifi can help

Your connection is OK but the latency is still a bit high

As noted above, if you're listening through a Bluetooth device, the latency is expected
The mean latency in the app is around 0 ms, the latency graph is flat and there's 0% of packet loss but you notice some latency.
Try this if the Buffer value is near or above 100 ms
    Make sure that you've selected OpenSL ES in the Audio output settings
    Make sure that you've selected the Low buffer setting in the Buffer amount settings.
      If that's already the case, select the Custom setting [PREMIUM REQUIRED]
      Set the Maximum buffer to something between 30 and 50 ms. 10 ms will probably too low to be sustainable.

Your PC doesn't appear in the app

First, try to simply reconnect to your Wifi on your phone. If this didn't work, try to manually connect
    On the app, click on the 3 dots button in the upper right corner
    Click on Connect manually...
    Enter the IP address displayed in the server
    Click connect

The app can't connect to your computer

Here are a few things to test
    Make sure both the devices are connected, and on the same network
    Follow the instructions via the Check firewall button in the server
    Make sure you're not on a guest network
    If using a VPN app, make sure its settings allow LAN traffic
      Search for something like "Allow LAN traffic", "Make invisible on LAN"
    If both the PC and the phone are on Wifi, you could check if both of them are on the same frequency (2GHz vs 5GHz)
    Your router could be preventing devices from communicating between them. You could search for one of these terms in your router settings and deactivate the option if not needed:
      AP (access point) isolation
      Client Isolation
      Guest Mode
You can confirm that both devices can communicate with each other by sending pings (Try this app)
If you can ping successfully, and you've checked the suggestions above
    Check that the port 59100 isn't used by another application. To find out, run the command netstat -ano | findstr "59100"
    If you have Hyper-V enabled, check if 59100 is reserved by the system. Read more here

How to listen to music or a call at the same time as AudioRelay?

By default, AudioRelay will stop streaming if another app requests to play audio. Respecting what's called Audio focus in Android.
You can disable this behavior
    Inside the Android app, go to settings
    Uncheck Exclusive audio

How to fix the error COMException - 0x88890008?

It means that AudioRelay can't use the audio format used by your audio device.
    Disable any audio or sound apps on your PC
        Sonic Studio
    Try different formats and disable sound enhancements
      Type sound settings in Windows search
      Click on the Sound Control Panel (below or on the right)
      Right-click on your playback device, click on properties
        Disable all enhancements
        Try a different format
      Right-click on your playback device, click on configure speakers and try different settings
If nothing worked, please create a new topic here mentioning any error message.

ClientListenerException (Socket error 10013) / BIND_SOCKET_ERROR

Reduce the CPU usage on Windows

AudioRelay's CPU usage should be quite low. However, it can increase if your playback device is outputting to more than 2 channels. If you only need stereo, try this
    Type sound settings in Windows search
    Click on the Sound Control Panel (below or on the right)
    Right-click on your playback device
    Click on Properties
    Click on Configure speakers
    Select stereo

The app tries to constantly reconnect

Be sure to have the latest server and app versions
Otherwise, please create a new topic here mentioning any error message.

My PC has no audio device

Please follow these instructions.

Is your audio sent anywhere?

The server only sends your audio data on your network, to your connected devices. It's not sent anywhere else.

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