Frequently Asked Questions

Is AudioRelay safe?

The server only sends your audio data on your network, to your connected devices. It's not sent to anyone else.

How to listen to music/a game/a call at the same time?

By default, AudioRelay will stop streaming if another app requests to play audio. Respecting what's called Audio focus in the Android world.

This behaviour can be disabled

  • Inside the Android app, go to settings

  • Uncheck Exclusive audio

How to improve sound quality?

Try the AudioTrack output in the Android app settings. This could increase the audio latency.

  • Inside the Android app, go to settings

  • Audio output

  • Select AudioTrack

  • Uncheck low latency

Check that Windows is emitting the sound to a format of at least 48kHz

  • Type sound settings in the Windows search bar

  • Device properties

  • Click on Additional properties at the bottom

  • Advanced

  • Change the default format

How to reduce lags and packet loss?

  • If you don't need bluetooth, deactivate it. It can cause interferences

  • Try to be closer to your router

  • Connect your PC via ethernet instead of Wifi

  • Connect your PC and your phone via USB

  • If available, try to switch between 2GHz and 5GHz Wifi networks, whichever works best (5GHz will probably be vastly superior!)

  • Try to change the channel of your Wifi network

The app can't connect, what should I do?

Here's a few things to test

  • Make sure both the devices are connected and on the same network

  • Follow the instructions via the "Check firewall" button in the server

  • Make sure you're not on a guest network

  • If both the PC and the phone are on Wifi, you could check if both of them are on the same frequency (2GHz vs 5GHz)

  • Your router could be preventing devices from communicating between them. You could search for one of these term in your router settings and deactivate the option if not needed:

    • AP (access point) isolation

    • Client Isolation

    • Guest Mode

The app tries to constantly reconnect, what should I do?

Be sure to have the latest server and app versions

Otherwise, please create a new topic here with any error message displayed.

My PC has no audio device, how to use AudioRelay?

You can install a virtual audio device. AudioRelay doesn't provide one but you can follow these instructions.

Why is the mute PC button not working?

This feature only work on server version 0.9 or more. Restart the server to trigger an update check.

Have another question in mind?

You can try to ask for help here.