Stream audio from your Linux PC to your phone

1. Start AudioRelay on your PC

2. Start AudioRelay on your phone

  • Go to the player tab

  • Click on your PC

2. Change the audio device if necessary

Try the Monitor of XXX device if the one selected by default doesn't work correctly.

Listen to the audio only the phone

You're hearing the audio on your phone but, also on your PC. You can prevent that by creating a virtual audio device on your PC.

1. Create a virtual audio device

Create a temporary virtual audio device
  • Open a terminal window

  • Type this command

pactl load-module module-null-sink \
	sink_name=audiorelay-speakers \

This creates a fake audio output device, it will be removed when your PC reboots. Or if you type pulseaudio -k in a terminal window.

2. Use the virtual audio device

  • Open the Volume Control

    • If you don't have it, you can install it via sudo apt install pavucontrol

  • Click on Output Devices

  • Set AudioRelay-Speakers as the default output device

3. Listen to the virtual audio device

  • Open AudioRelay

  • Go to the server tab

  • Select Monitor of AudioRelay-Speakers

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