Use your phone as a mic for Windows 10

These instructions require at least Windows 10 and AudioRelay 0.26.
These are the instructions for Windows 10, see also


1. Start AudioRelay on your phone

  • Start AudioRelay on Android
  • Go to the server tab
  • Click on the microphone source

2. Start your AudioRelay on your PC

  • Start AudioRelay on Windows
  • Go to the player tab
  • Select Mic as the output mode
  • Click on your Android phone in the list of servers

3. Use the mic

Either set the virtual mic as your default device or select it in other apps
  • Right-click on the taskbar's Sounds icon
  • Click on Sounds
  • Go to the Recording tab
  • Right-click on Virtual Mic
  • Click on Set as Default device and Set as Default Communication Device

3b. Or select the virtual mic in your communications app (Skype, Discord, Zoom…)

  • Start your app
  • Find the microphone settings
  • Select Virtual Mic (Virtual Mic for AudioRelay) as the microphone
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