How to set up AudioRelay on your Mac

Virtual audio devices

For security reasons, AudioRelay can’t listen to the audio of your device on macOS. Apps can only capture what comes from a microphone. You need to install a virtual audio device that can route the audio output to a fake microphone.

Here are some virtual audio devices available for macOS:

  • BlackHole (Free, open source, advertised as 0 latency)

    • They provide a 2ch and 16ch version

    • Install both if you'd like to send audio in both directions

  • VB-Cable (Free, donations welcome)

    • Works OK but has relatively high latency by default

      • You can open its option panel to reduce latency

  • Loopback ($100+, can route audio between apps)


After installing the apps from, follow these instructions

Use your phone as a microphone for your MacStream audio from your Mac to your phone

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